Archive | May 14, 2012

Truly Live

If the excitement,


& joy of LIFE

has come to a standstill for you…

a barren ghost town where you feel lost…

Ask the universe to color your life

with Heavenly dreams & inspiration….


Watch & feel as your heart’s true calling

speeds up and manifests in your life…

And you dream yourself back to life

with your purest heart hopes…

 & all of your creation dreams

awaken the deepest

spirit longings of your soul…

… This is when you truly live… 

with Heaven’s will on Earth

goddess wisdom

So much wisdom surrounds you….

Can you hear?

oh rose of the goddess!

“your wisdom is

the bringer of joy!”

fill our hearts with tales of your heart

Oh goddess of wisdom!

Can you hear?

Dance to your goddess 

let your heart fly!

Petals of Love

Allowing our angels to wash away our fears!


As sprinkle’s of heavenly light …

petals of light….

Fill your soul!


To show you how truly beautiful you are!!

For each Leaf is an angel that loves you more than you know…

let them carry you through life!

Beams of light

Beams of light descending down!

To lands that are never walked!

Hands are at the ready!

To go where the heart soars!

Life continues around you 

and for the eyes that cannot see 

The love in your heart 

shines forth!

To a day all will see! 

The divine goddess/god, that resides within you! 

For service is the key!

Dream your wisdom !!

And laugh out loud 

for our 

Holy father 

loves you! 

As real as real can be! 

Flying in to the arms of love!