Archive | May 9, 2012

True Love

 That’s the thing about true love….

It can start when you are very young… 

 Or when you least expect it….

 It can be your first true love….    That spans a lifetime of laughter & joy…

 & Stand the tests of time & life…

With comfort for each other…

True love can also surprise you later on in life…

While some are grandparents others are newlyweds…

Or on completely different continents

But the most important quality of True Love is…. 

True love stories never have endings.

So relax & breathe…

Fill your Heart with LOVE…

What’s for you won’t pass you…

Be ready for LOVE. 


*~ ♥ Feeling unconditional LOVE for all

allows your own heart to shine

& opens you as a true channel

of LOVE for others ~

We are all unique and the ability to see

likeness thru difference is HEAVEN~ly

~ Keep LOVING ♥ ~ *



*~ ♥ Dreams come true when we believe and follow

Divine Inspiration as a light on our path ~

Dream your miracles into happening!!

Let them multiply small at first and then greater ♥ ~ *