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Tell Your Own Future












make this your Present

& it becomes your gift in the future.

Every breath of love matters….

Keep up the good work .

Simple Gifts

 One of the best healing tools

in the universe is laughter & smiles….

 We can also ask Heavenly Angels to help us heal

during our dreams when they can

gently purge our subconscious of this lifetime

& many life-times.

 Laughter & dreamwork…

simple gifts that heal by releasing them to Heaven.

Thank You Angels for dissipating our burdens…

& Transforming them to LOVE.

It’s all about you!


Your father is the father of Christ!!!

If only you can love!

Christ is with-in you!

You have the will and the Strength of heart

To connect to the

Christ conscience!

Now imagine that!

You can make your birth father the father of a child who loved!

A child who excepted the christ consciences!

You & Me

 I can see the world in your eyes…

Can you see the world in mine?

I can touch my chest & feel your heartbeat…

Can you touch your chest and feel mine?

I can take a breath of life & feel you…

Can you breathe & feel me?


Return To Eden

An intellect driven by ego!

Manipulated by forces from the tree of knowledge!

The way Back!

An intellect driven by the Heart!

Your Heart!

Your connection to all!

The Grail of Eden Belongs to our heavenly Father!

Host of hosts!

Ask for help to find your grail!!

If your intent is good!

Armies of our heavenly fathers angels await your command!

You can’t find the grail

If you don’t believe it’s there!

We will turn your Belief



A deep heart-felt connection to the truth!

A truth that only you can find!

 A truth all divine hearts share!

Sunshine of Love

 Return to the vision of love for earth…

our Eden.

The greatest service we can do

for each other is share LOVE….

Hold your head up & SHINE!