The Call of Paradise!

Originally posted on ANGEL ♥ 2 ♥ ANGEL:

Caught in

the illusion of mind

                                                             Described as

~ The Father of Lies’ playground ~

some preachers of old and preachers of new

speak of A God

Failing  to understand.

The Divine


That each are born with!

                                    blasphemy the I screams

no wonder the divine heart is rarely



Still trapped in the prison of the mind.


biding it’s time…

pacing to and fro…

like a caged lion…


swiping at its own heart…





And the awakening Hearts of others.



How dare the one Heart be greater than

                                ( I )

with an echoing roar!

It Screams!

Ill Give you blood!

Ill give you  money!

ill give you The tools to  make war!



pestilence Greed and famine, To name but a few!

                                                        Ill give you capitalism, ill give you socialism any ism it takes!


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