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 Somewhere & Everywhere …

We all can reach over the rainbow.

Seen & Unseen

Have Faith…
  Your Prayer transforms all that is Seen & Unseen….

without a doubt.

Flame To Flame

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Your flame is my flame.

                                        Your sorrow is my sorrow.

Your flame is my flame

                                                              Till the end of time

With the breath of life,

                                        A gentle whisper

to thy self say…

                                     …I love you.

To try and understand another

                                            Is to try…

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The Call of Paradise!

Originally posted on ANGEL ♥ 2 ♥ ANGEL:

Caught in

the illusion of mind

                                                             Described as

~ The Father of Lies’ playground ~

some preachers of old and preachers of new

speak of A God

Failing  to understand.

The Divine


That each are born with!

                                    blasphemy the I screams

no wonder the divine heart is rarely



Still trapped in the prison of the mind.


biding it’s time…

pacing to and fro…

like a caged lion…


swiping at its own heart…





And the awakening Hearts of others.



How dare the one Heart be greater than

                                ( I )

with an echoing roar!

It Screams!

Ill Give you blood!

Ill give you  money!

ill give you The tools to  make war!



pestilence Greed and famine, To name but a few!

                                                        Ill give you capitalism, ill give you socialism any ism it takes!


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A Ballad of saint Michael

Originally posted on ANGEL ♥ 2 ♥ ANGEL:

Angel strewn, Speared head to gut,

From the solar, His rays do pour!

Winged demon over head.

The bull charges on.

Endless fury it screams,

it’s teeth do bare that  furious rage,

How dare you be greater than I.

surrounded by dark, With the aid of spells, our witches  take sides.

for every spell cast ten thousand angels await.

For retribution is mine, says our Lord

For our strewn angel has the Heart of a lion!

In gods own name he calls forth

The Spear is removed

The light is replenished

The winged demons are cast to the side.

As for the bull his day will come,

Can you count down from nine?

some times our wounded angels can forget they are surrounded by gods light,

He plots with friends!

They thrive to separate!

God show them mercy, for they know not what they do.

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