Saint Jude : Miracle Worker for Desperate Cases

Beloved Jude, you have burned a sacred fire in my heart since I was a small child…

I always ran to you when I foolishly did not feel worthy of your ever loving cousin Yeshua

~ the many times I felt my hurt was not important enough for anyone to care…

I have lovingly sent your heart many causes over the years some of them my own

and some of them others’…

I have testified to others the miracle working of your ways.

I have discovered that no plea whether small or large is trivial

to your heavenly heart & sanctified soul.

I come to you today with love, hope & faith in my heart

that your heavenly love will intervene

not just for my necessities

but for the necessities of others I pray for…

some need miracles of physical healing,

others need miracles of relationship mending,

others need miracles of primary basic living  

& still others need miracles of regaining hope

& release from fear.

Your Miracle working is deemed miraculous in

the hope of desperate cases & desperate causes.

I have seen & felt your Miracles through out my life and in the life of others.

I know & believe that your love is so divine that your heart CREATES…

You are the creative miracle worker…

The divine soul that truly exemplifies that through God & his helpers


  Beloved Jude,

Miracle Worker

and example of God’s heavenly love for us

& example of The Christ – Yeshua your loving cousin

– intercede for us today & all days.

You in your heart of heavenly love & wisdom know what we need.

I Trust in You.

~ Please feel free to leave Request or Thanks to Saint Jude in comments ~

~angelslightworldwide @2012

13 thoughts on “Saint Jude : Miracle Worker for Desperate Cases

  1. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored and glorified now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in you. Holy Mary, mother of Jesus, pray for me. St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, pray for me. St. Jude of Hopeless cases, pray for me and grant this favor I ask. Please help me with my Angel Computer Business. Thank you so much! Amen.

  2. Dear Saint Jude, I am asking for your help. I quit drinking today. I am doing this because I realized that I don’t want the identity of who I am when I’m drunk. I don’t want to be her anymore. I ruined my boyfriend’s family’s wedding last night. I realized that my memory versus the reality of last night are very different because alcohol puts a negative filter on everything and lies to me. I am ready and wanting to change and I need help. I am in love with the man I’ve been blessed to have in my life and I hope and pray for him to forgive me. Please help me to transform so that I am worthy of love. Amen.

    • Blessed Lellanya,

      Bless your heart and soul. many are ALLERGIC to alcohol some are not. Many do not realise they are allergic to alcohol. Everyday is a new day and every moment a new moment. Call on the Angels of Heaven to help intercede in your life.
      The 12 steps of Recovery help so very much as you will meet many others just like you! By identifying with them your dark shame will be enlightened and so much love 7 understanding shed upon it. By shedding love upon your problems with drinking or your reaction to drink transforms your shameful experiences into learning support and also laughter. Learn RULE 62 of Alcoholics Anonymous that will help lighten your heart & soul and also help lead you to a path of recovery where you will once again earn the trust of others that you love and that love you.
      There is no shame in what happens to those allergic to alcohol. Their bodies cannot handle the toxicity of fermented rotten grain, fruit, vegetables poured into their physiology so their mind/brain reacts in crazy ways akin to insanity.
      Ask the Angels to help return you to sanity from drink ~ You are not alone and have so much company!
      Find the nearest support group preferably a 12 step program of AA ~ have no shame ~ know that yo cannot change your physiology, have the courage to take steps to keep your allergen away from your body and know that this is the wisest decision you will ever make. If you cannot stop on your own as the human body becomes dependant on alcohol to create dopamine etc then there are many inpatient outpatient support areas. hospitals. doctors that will help you get through the detox stage. Do not be ashamed, feel the LOVE and empathy. You are brave to admit ~ that is the first step. 12 step program listings are in almost every phonebook of every city in the world ~ call or go online to find your nearest one. Know that everyone shakes there first visits <3 .

      Individual Soul Healing posts are delayed at the moment due to computer trouble. You are in our prayers and also Saint Jude NEVER forsakes anyone.
      You are loved and respected.


  3. Thank you O st. Jude for hearing my prayers before, I once again implore and Trust you to come to my aid… I need you to hear my prayers most urgently. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved, adored, preserved, glorified and praised throughout the whole world now and forever, Amen. Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee! Sacred Heart of Mother Mary, we place our trust in Thee! St. Jude, helper of the most hopeless cases, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Joseph, pray for us. St. Anthony, pray for us. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, Amen.

  4. St Jude granted my prayer request for financial assistance and most miraculously he sorted out a legal case in my favour and came in a dream to tell me that my prayer request has been granted.Thank you St Jude. Thank you St Jude.

  5. St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us. Please come to to the assistance of my husband so that he doesn’t have to have heart surgery and his heart will heal on its own.
    Thank you, St. Jude and your sacred heart, Jesus, for your miracle.

  6. I was desperately trying to extend my stay in my native land for a couple of more days. Unfortunately it was the Holiday season and all flights were fully booked or over booked on that specific weekend.

    I’m a member of their frequent flyer program but even I was told by several booking agents that it was “IMPOSSIBLE” to get a seat.

    It was at that time that I said a very quick and very short prayer to St. Jude. Nothing very long, nothing very special, just a quick prayer asking for his assistance.

    On the day of my scheduled flight, it was as if someone whispered to call the booking agent again and check. I sluggishly made the call thinking the result was negative. Upon giving my info to the agent she informed me that for a very small fee (and I mean small) I could get a seat on the next booking class.

    I happily agreed. Upon checking in at the Airport my upgraded seat, got upgraded again for Free! Again, please take note that this was during the Holiday Season when it’s supposedly impossible to get any seat on the plane. I attribute this miracle to St. Jude! I also have another “impossible issue” and Im again asking St. Jude’s intercession.

  7. Please interceed for me Saint Jude, I desperately want Mark and I to be reconciled. I am so sad and hopeless for our relationship, there seems to be no hope left, but I know you are a miracle worker, please saint Jude, come quickly to my aid, intercede so that I will hear from Mark and he will apologize and tell me that he loves me and we will make a commitment to one another to not seperate like this again, thank you Saint Jude for a quick answer

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